Call for Participation

Submission deadline (extended): August 04 2018
Feedback to authors: August 20 2018
Camera ready version: August 25 2018
Workshop: October 08 2018

Smart Eyewear can be a powerful enabling technology for a broad range of computer science fields. We will tackle the following research problems and topics during the workshop:

Novel application cases:

Which activities are the most useful for application cases that have the most impact on society. What are the best application fields to apply Smart Eyewear for the strongest impact on society?

Suitable Sensing and actuation technologies:

Driven by the application cases which sensing modalities are the most interesting to be integrated in Smart Eyewear? What are the important activities to focus on (e.g. fatigue detection, concentration tracking)?

Impact and perils of long-term sensing:

How can we use these real life recordings of physical, physiological and cognitive signals on the head? What are potential negative effects of long term usage, ranging from perceptual issues regarding the use of wearable displays (binocular rivalry, vertical and horizontal gaze comfort, instrument myopia, eye strain, accommodation-convergence mismatch) to potential skin irritations during the deployment of electrodes, or other sensors necessary to touch the skin.

Towards an Open Eyewear Platform:

How can we build up an international community to share scientific results and work together on topics related to Smart Eyewear. Especially when we discuss large scale, long monitoring of cognitive activities, we believe a strong impact on psychology, sociology and cognitive science as eyewear computing can be an enabling technology for them to become less model and more data driven sciences utilizing real world setups instead of controlled but artificial laboratory settings.


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