EyeWear 2018

Second Workshop on Eye Wear Computing collocated with UbiComp/ISWC.

08 Oct. Singapore.


Intelligent glasses, head-mounted displays, egocentric vision devices, and similar “smart eyewear” have recently emerged as interesting research platforms for a range of research fields including, ubiquitous computing, computer vision, and social sciences. As most of the human senses are situated on the head, we believe that these types of devices have significant potential as a research and product platform for a wide range of wearable assistive systems in human computer interaction. While early prototypes were too bulky to be worn on a regular basis in daily life, new devices, such as Google Glass, HoloLense and J!NS Meme, look more and more like normal glasses, are light-weight, and allow for long-term use enabling new interaction paradigms. The proposed workshop will bring together researchers from a wide range of computing disciplines, such as mobile and ubiquitous computing, eye tracking, optics, computer vision, human vision and perception, privacy and security, usability, as well as systems research.

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