33c3 Talk: Beyond VR and AR

Application cases for Smart Eyewear

Last year I gave a talk at the 33c3 about recent trends in research beyond virtual and augmented reality.

Although most of the talk focuses on Superhuman Sports, I go also into some details about enabeling technologies, mentioning smart eyewear and also the Presto project.

Here’s the abstract of the talk:

With recent development in capture technology, preserving one’s’ daily experiences and one’s’ knowledge becomes richer and more comprehensive. Furthermore, new recording technologies beyond simple audio/video recordings become available: 360° videos, tactile recorders and even odor recorders are becoming available. The new recording technology and the massive amounts of data require new means for selecting, displaying and sharing experiences.

Sharing experiences and knowledge have always been essential for human development. They enable skill transfers and empathy. Over history, mankind developed from oral traditions to cultures of writing. With the ongoing digital revolution, the hurdles to share knowledge and experiences vanish. Already today it is, for example, technically feasible to take and store 24/7 video recordings of one’s’ life. While this example creates massive collections of data, it makes it even more challenging to share experiences and knowledge with others in meaningful ways.