Cognitive Load Dataset in the works

This dataset includes all thermal data of the face electrooculography recordings for 20 users of J!NS MEME glasses over a 2 weeks period.

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Alertness EOG dataset released

This dataset includes all electrooculography recordings for 16 users of J!NS MEME glasses over a 2 weeks period.

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33c3 Talk: Beyond VR and AR

Last year I gave a talk at the 33c3 about recent trends in research beyond virtual and augmented reality.

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JST Presto Project on Open Eyewear

I'm exited to be one of few none-Japanese researchers to receive a JST Presto (Sakigake) project grant, on the Topic Open Collective Eyewear.

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Origins of Eyewear Computing

Smart glasses and, in general, eyewear are a relatively novel device class with a lot of possibilities for unobtrusive human-computer interaction, sensing, and even human computer integration.

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This project is lead by Kai Kunze (Keio University), project members Yuji Uema (Tokyo University), Masai Katsutoshi (Keio University) It is supported by the iDLi Society 5.0 Project of Osaka University and by the Japansese Science and Technology Agency, JST Presto program .

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